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Our Value Offer:

Veterans Employment Connection was started by  veterans who are passionate about helping our nation’s veterans find the right employment and helping employers find our nation’s veterans.

(we provide the translation for you)

  • Veteran skills, MOS, Rates, Ranks nomenclature, training into civilian terms
  • Job application navigation – where to put the military experience
(we are the connection/ bridge between Veterans and Employers)

  • Pool of Veterans to Available Jobs
  • Certified Veteran Employers to Veterans
(we do the selling between the parties)

  • Benefits of Veterans to the Employers
  • Benefits of Employers to the Veterans
Closing the Deal
(we have a full solution for all your hiring requirements)

  • Full service employment from Temporary; Temporary to Full-time; Part-Time; Hourly; Professional; Salaried; Senior and Executive Levels
  • Spouses of Veterans connections for job opportunities
  • Tax credits for hiring certain types of Veterans

Helping Veterans and Employers Connect